Fall 2012 Article Compendium

Listed below are the articles and reviews that I have written during my time as  the Arts & Entertainment Editor for Aurora University’s online student publication The Spartan Chronicle during the Fall term of 2012.

And here are the articles I have edited by undergraduate student contributors for the Chronicle throughout the Fall term of 2012.

Movie Reviews

Video-Game Reviews

Music Reviews/Articles

Campus Promotional Articles

End-of-Year Compilation Staff Lists

[Oops. I accidentally posted this article prematurely, as the Arts & Entertainment staff still have a few staff list articles and movie reviews(!) in the works!  But as long as it’s out here, I’ll just leave it up and make additions as the articles come in!]

Also, I’m not done with my Oryx and Crake read-through. I had to take a break on account of schoolwork and some complicated personal family matters, but I’m set to finish the novel and record my impressions of it. Stay tuned!