About Me


In another life, I might have been a Speaker for the Dead.

In this life though, I’m a culturally omnivorous 20-something with way too many interests considering how little available free time I have.

“Sifting Through Patterns” is my personal blog; a sounding board for me to talk about all the cool nerdy shit I find when my friends are otherwise too exhausted to humor me. To say that I’m a gamer would be an axiom; To say that I’m a fan of Science-Fiction and Hip-Hop would be an understatement.

I have a pretty “Laissez-faire” update schedule for the most part, I write posts as frequently as I can find or think up cool things to talk about. The original intent behind this space was to put my writing out and contribute to the public discourse of popular culture. I write original short fiction as well as short-form/editorial style posts; something I intend to incorporate more regularly into my posts (Preferably after I graduate this fall).

Check out a couple of my previous posts and if you dig what you read, throw a shout-out in the comment box or a modest click of the “like” button. I promise to continue pumping out increasingly more entertaining content for as long as possible. If you’re looking to nerd out more directly, I can be reached at toussaint.egan@gmail.com

Thanks for dropping by. Salute. Namaste. Khef Ka Ka-tet.


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